To Pluck a Crow: Book One-The Hands Behind Shakespeare's Pen - a novel

A  fictional historical mystery set in two time periods...Elizabethan England and the present day.

Author - Sue Taylor-Davidson

I have worked in several libraries, and, as a researcher, have been fascinated by the Shakespeare Authorship Debate for many years.

Can we be certain the man 'William Shaksper' (as he called himself) really wrote all the works attributed to him?

What if there were two other writers and one of them was a woman?  

Can you suspend judgement and join me in this imagined tale, much of it based in one family's history, as I ask "What if?"

Take a leap with me into the late 16th century, meet the Sydney-Herbert Family, servants to Queen Elizabeth I.  Then, every alternate chapter, see their world through the eyes of a cast of present day characters who wonder, like me, if Mary Sidney-Herbert could have had a hand in the famous works of the "Bard".

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To Pluck a Crow: Book One is the first in a series.  It is now available in print and kindle editions through and on

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